Prompt and accurate financial reporting Management and Administration are the main thrusts of accounting and allied professions. Over the years, problems and difficulties associated with Accounting practice has been poor or lack of professional integrity and accuracy of Financial Management and Administration in the corporate world today.
Financial Institutions like Banks, Insurance Companies, etc. are some of the causalities’ even with the best technologies applications and in accounting and allied professions.
As the solutions to these teething problems rages on, IAFMA professional competence, integrity and professional practice stepped out of the crowd to offer wide but best practices in Financial Management and Administration anchored on age-long winnings ways.
Monumental frauds, reverend professional opinions, assumptions and weak legal lope-holes would have to give way for reliable professional competence rooted in integrity and proficiency to guarantee stability in corporate financial management and administration.
It is our pledge, our mission and vision unaltered.
Participation is better than spectator in real life race.
You are therefore invited to join us to upgrade your career. To change your corporate world. To generate and distribute professional competence and progress to the weakening world of Financial Management and Administration across the globe.
No matter your profession, stage or level in life, there is a place for you as money matter is the second issue after life.

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  • Accounting, Business Admin
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  • B.Sc, HND, MA, MBA, MPA, M.Sc
  • Financial Management Administration
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